For some time now, many production companies who have used our Steady gimbals, are wanting something, that films the same high quality stabilized footage, but from a much lower angle. So, we are excited to offer our new Steady Wheels.

The First Steady Wheels will be initially made for DJI OSMO gimbal and DJI Zenmuse X5 /X5R cameras, which can be controlled from your tablets or smart phones. Approximate range will be 50 to 100 meters over 5Ghz (iPad & iPhone).

What’s truly unique about this setup is that the footage will be stabilized in 4 axis…. Imagine what will be achievable with a DJI Zenmuse Pro / RAW with a Z-axis stabilization systems 😉 So, stay tuned – we will post more progress photos soon…..


Technical development team
Professional Multirotors


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