Excited to announce that @Wingtra has launched WingtraOne GEN II – a next-generation VTOL drone with an oblique payload for high-quality 3D mapping, advanced reliability algorithms, and PPK on every drone for every payload.

Map larger, map faster, map anywhere.

After 6 years in development and 100’000 flights, Wingtra is launching… WingtraOne GEN II.

  • Brand new OBLIQUE payload integration for finest 3D map qualiti
  • PPK integrated on every drone, including with multispectral payloads
  • Next level electronics infrastructure
  • Self-diagnosis, fail-safe algorithms and services for dependable operations
    And much more..

You can use all available payloads in one drone:

  • Sony RX1R II
  • Sony a6100
  • Sony a6100 Oblique
  • MicaSense RedEdge-MX
  • MicaSense Altum

This is a big step for drone mapping and and if you want know why, then you can see comparison to another drones: https://wingtra.com/best-drones-for-photogrammetry-wingtraone-comparison/

Proud to be a partner and take part in this game-changing drone evolution!

Wisit for more detail: https://wingtra.com/mapping-drone-wingtraone/gen-ii/

We have also shared to you one small project which is captured with WIngtra One GENII with Sonu a6100 Oblique camera. Welcome to 3D world: www.wingtra.com/zurich

If you have any questions you can contact us directly! info@professional-multirotors.com

Official webinar about a new WingtraOne Gen II will be take place 17’th of august at 10.00 AM. Register yourself here: https://wingtra.com/webinars/wingtraone-gen-ii/

WingtraOne GEN II drone


Tel:+ 372 68 78 770
E-mail: info@professional-multirotors.com

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