Normal propeller adapters will release the propellers when using large propellers (longer than 13”) due to the Gravitational Mass of instant speed increasing and decreasing of motor operation. For higher safety, we designed the advanced mechanical structure to fix the issue. It’s easy to assemble. CNC processed. Applicable with CW and CCW props.
Works with most standard motors including DJI Inspire / 1 / Pro / I2 / E800 motor. Also applicable to motors with 4mm motor shaft. Please install the enclosed 5mm brass washer first.

Suitable replacement for following drones:

DJI Inspire 1 / for 13″ propellers
DJI Inspire 2 / for 15″ propellers

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quickrelease adapter 1 quick relase system


DJI Inspire Pro/Raw quick release prop adapters from Aerial Cinematography | EU on Vimeo.

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