We have balanced our training copter DJI Inspire X5 Pro camera gimbal. For that, we used small (5 grams)  car wheel balancing weights. Totally we´ve added these weights for 25 grams to balance X5 with 15mm lens and ND8 filter + lens sun shield. Below, in video we´ll show, that how camera gimbal must hold its position in every angle. Also you will see how we´ve mounted those 5g car wheels balancing weights.

Balancing the gimbal is important for stabilizing. It´s nothing new – everyone´s know that already, but with certain gimbals out there, it´s even not possible. Now we´ve found the way how to balance the Inspire X5 camera gimbal, that it would elliminate well known “horizon drift” issue. After test, we got only 1-1.5 degrees horizon drift, which is quite good results. Balancing your camera gimbal will also help to increase your battery last longer.

Here´s the video, how´s gimbal balanced:

We ended up in editing in Adobe Bridge for merge these photos, and the results were great. This is not only help you to do great panoramic photos, but also making videos. Hope that we could help many others with that video and tip, how to get rid off horizon drift issue with Zenmuse X5.

Here´s aerial panoramic photo of 6 photos:
Aerial panoramic photo

Happy flying!

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