These frames are geniusly built! Vulcan strong frames are with black anodized aluminium wich will only dent when multicopter should crash. Also, We do not trust full carbon frames because when they will be broken, the carbon fibre will cut wires it may cause extra damage like fire. We are proud to be as a retailer of Vulcan UAV  and they are the UKs leading developer and manufacturer of multicopter systems.

Vulcan is with over 14 years development experience that includes a wide variety of VTOL multirotor aircraft, they not only offer a great range of ‘off the shelf’ airframes and related products, but are uniquely able to offer a full design, prototyping and production service for those with a specific requirement. If you need an ‘outside the box’ solution, we’re the company to talk to.

Vulcan have worked on a range of projects, integrating different autopilots and payloads for both the everyday and more unusual multirotor applications. Machines range considerably in size and specification, with our largest able to lift payloads of more than 20Kg.

As the number of uses for multirotors increases daily, we work hard to remain firmly at the forefront of this emerging industry.

Vulcan MultiFrame SkyHook Series
The Essence of simple & effective multicopter design The SkyHook Series super heavy lift airframes are ideal for professional aerial photography, surveying, security and other commercial applications, as well as the serious hobby flyer. Made from high grade Carbon Fibre and Aluminium alloy, they are not only amongst the strongest and stiffest airframes available, but also can be easily reconfigured to any airframe layout using the same few parts, including Y6, I Quad, X Quad, X8, I Hexa, X Hexa, X Octo and V Octo. Standard and high clearance landing legs are available which can be attached to any arm according to preference, and moved along the arms to allow an uninterrupted camera view.

How Strong Are They?

Standard airframe sizes are 900mm, 1080mm and 1200mm span and are able to be folded for transportation. For aerial photographers, mounting adapters for PhotoHigher, Cinestar, DJI Zenmuse, AeroXcraft and more camera gimbals are available. The Multiframe is also capable of carrying a range of other payloads, including IR cameras, chemical and hazardous substance sniffers, designation and range finding lasers, radar / lidar detection systems, radio signal boosters and more.
Standard airframes include stackable standoff plates, a variety of battery mounting options allowing the use of multiple battery packs, and protective domes for your flight electronics, with both entire airframes and spare parts costing far less than other equivalents currently on the market. Full specs are available on our products page.

See our video gallery to see the frames in action!

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