Since there´s so many Steady gimbal users – we always wanted to make one video, how about the gimbal must be balanced. Before you push the “AUTOTUNE” button in Phobotic chrome app. However, its very easy to balance Steady gimbals competing with Ronin gimbals for example, where you cannot turn the Y-roll for the side weight balancing when your gimbal is under 90 degrees position.

If PAN is properly balanced, you can easily run with the gimbal, shoot sports and fly it fast like car chase etc. Also, there is no horizon drift issues with Phobotic, when everything is properly balanced. So, take your time and try to balance your gimbal as best as you can 😉


We must say, that we´ve tested our gimbals with Phobotic in many ways and Steady performs always better, that any other (gimbal with encoders) as Ronin, Gremsy, Alexmos etc gimbals. If there´s any questions, feel free to ask – info(at)

Steady 3000 | Phobotic Centerpiece | Gimbal Balancing 2015 from Aerial Cinematography | EU on Vimeo.

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