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    Photography Gloves (L size)

    Photography Gloves (L size)

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    Freefly Pop-N-Lock Screw Mount Quick Release

    MoVI Users like to customize and modify their rigs for their specific applications. This means mounting a variety of accessories to the 50mm, 30mm, 25mm, 19mm, 15mm carbon tubes as well as ¼ 20 and 3mm holes. We have created the Pop-N-Lock line of quick release to enable users to quickly set up their rigs […]

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    Freefly MōVI M5

    Freefly MoVI M5 Take your DSLR and Mirrorless camera video projects to the next level with this intuitive and powerful stabilizer. Used by independent and documentary filmmakers, wedding videographers and other broadcast professionals around the globe, the M5 is regarded as the best in its class. It uses the same tech found in the M10 […]

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    Freefly Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot is a compact knob that quick releases to the MIMIC. It gives users the ability to control Focus, Iris, or Zoom on MoVI Pro. Users can quickly change between axis of control via the MIMIC screen. Bush Pilot is the first in a series of control accessories that Freefly will be releasing to […]

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    MōVI XL to Mitchell Adapter

    MoVI XL features a 6 bolt pattern allowing users to mount the gimbal to a variety of devices. The MoVI XL to Mitchell Adapter adapts the 6 bolt pattern to a standard Mitchell Mount. This can be used with or without the MoVI XL quick release. Freefly sets our gimbals up to use the Quick […]

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    Freefly MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle

    Freefly MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle Freefly MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle + Bush Pilot knob Through the end of October, we’re adding a Bush Pilot lens control knob. Bush Pilot quickly attaches to the MIMIC to add on-the-fly precise control of focus, iris and zoom. MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle This bundle includes the MoVI Pro, MoVI […]

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    MōVI Pro / XL Lens Motor Cable – Long

    MōVI Pro Lens Motor Cable This lens cable features custom cable which is ultra thin and flexible for the most difficult camera installations where wire routing is challenging. It features a Molex Microfit connector on one end, and a LEMO 1B 7 Pin on the other end. With 3 of these cables users will be […]

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    Freefly MōVI Pro – Gimbal Only

    The Freefly MoVI Pro Gimbal Only has been designed to appeal to professional filmmakers and includes the MoVI Pro Gimbal. MoVI Pro – Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created. It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use. The MoVI Pro – Gimbal Only is a […]

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    Freefly MōVI Ring Pro

    MoVI Ring Pro is designed to allow users to create content more quickly and effectively than ever before. It features a built in stand for instant set down to allow users to rest between shots. The built in stand allows for quick setup and balancing without an accessory stand. The built in stand allows users […]

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    Quick Release Kit

    MoVI XL quick release kit allows users to quickly mount / dismount the gimbal from a variety of platforms. The male portion of the quick release mounts to MoVI XL, and the female portion mounts to whatever platform you intend to mount MoVI XL to (Car, boat, Technocrane, Jib, Horse, Camel). The quick release features […]

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    Photography Gloves (XL size)

    Photography Gloves (XL size)

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    MōVI Pro / XL RED RCP Serial Cable – Long

    MōVI Pro RED RCP Serial Cable This cable allows users to gain access to RED’s Redlink Command Protocol via the ‘CTRL’ port on RED cameras. This allows users to control functions like ISO, Frame Rate, Color temp, and Focus and aperture on EF lenses all from up to 1000ft away using the MōVI Controller and […]