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    Photography Gloves (L size)

    Photography Gloves (L size)

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    Vulcan DayBright Navigation LED (S)

    The Vulcan DayBright LEDs system consists of four LED modules designed to fit between the motor mount plates of our standard and extended motor mounts. Each unit includes two 1.5W super bright LEDs behind diffuser material for the best light spread. Each set consists of two green (starboard – right) and two red (port – left) LED modules. The set also […]

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    250A Power Distribution Board for Large Multicopters

    Vulcan Power 250A Power Distribution Board Power distribution board for large multicopters. This is a double sided board, one for positive connections and one for negative. It features no less than 18 pairs of solder pad connection points of different sizes to suit various uses from very heavy duty battery connections to small auxilliary power […]

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    VULCAN 12mm Rail Mount System

    12mm Rail Mount system. Same as the DJI Style Basic Adapter, this version includes the tubes necessary to use a range of mounting options and battery trays for various gimbals and other payloads. Tube length 450mm. The MultiFrame concept is one of simplicity and flexibility, designed for the serious flyer and ideal for Professional Aerial […]

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    DJI A3 Flight Controller

    DJI A3 – Reliable and Accurate Flight Control The most advanced DJI flight controller yet, the DJI A3 has been designed for professional and industrial applications, where reliability and the ability to customise are essential. This flight controller, designed for DJI’s professional frames such as the DJI Matrice 600, uses multi-sensor fusion algorithms to improve […]

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    400A Power Distribution Board for Large MultiCopters

    Vulcan Power 400A Power Distribution Board Power distribution board for large multicopters. This board uses 2mm thick copper sheet to provide huge current handling capacity, with 13 pairs of solder pads to handle all you battery, ESC and power feed requirements. Diameter: 64mm Weight: 50g Mounting Holes: 3mm Copper Thickness: 2mm Solder pad diameter: 7mm […]

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    VULCAN Dual Side Battery Tray

    Dual Side Battery Tray The Dual Side Battery Tray can be used with both the Basic PhotoHigher mount adapter or the Basic S800 Style adapter. It can be mounted either centrally or to the rear of the frame to maintain correct Centre of Gravity in different gimbal configurations. The MultiFrame concept is one of simplicity […]

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    TBS Triumph Antenna Pair

    TBS Triumph Antenna Pair, Team Black Sheep Triumph Antennas These antennas re-invent the traditional circular polarised antenna design to produce the cleanest video signal and the best range possible. Significant research and development has gone into developing these antennas and the result is a set of hardy, high quality, long range and clean video signal […]

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    VULCAN 200mm Silicone Gel Anti Vibration Plate

    Made from 2mm Carbon Fibre sheet, the Gel Mount Adapter provides an ultra low vibration mounting method for a variety of payloads, gimbals, undercarriage and more. The plate is designed bolt straight up into the main lower frame plate and can be fitted with 4 to 12 A1 Gel Bushes for different payloads. The position […]

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    Dome Cover – RED (inc Velcro fixings)

    Centre Plate Dome Cover – RED The centre plate dome covers are made from light yet highly flexible entirely radio transparent plastic, and cover the centre plate and electronics of your machine. They will not affect the performance of your radio, GPS or other radio communication devices. They can be used on the top only […]

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    Photography Gloves (XL size)

    Photography Gloves (XL size)

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    VULCAN Multiframe – Motor Ring Support for Top Mounted Motors

    Made from 1.5mm highest quality carbon fibre, the motor ring is designed to be used under the standard motor mount when a top mounting position for the motor is used. This spreads the load on the bolts on the underside of the arm, and offers greater support for the motor mount when managing the increased […]