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VULCAN Quick Release Plate for Gimbals & other payloads

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Vulcan Quick Release Plate for Gimbals & other payloads

This new plate is made from 3mm carbon fibre and is fitted with four lightweight quick release clamps to enable simple removal or quick swapping of gimbals and other payloads. The clamps are custom CNC cut from high grade aluminium aluminium, are self locking and designed to fit the Vulcan 12mm rail mount system. They are operated by the thumb screw handles, but are also supplied with hex head bolts for use where access with fingers is not so easy.

The plate is pre drilled to take a range of gimbals including AV200, AV130, Cinestar CS2 & CS3, AeroXcraft and more, but can also be easily adapted to take just about any gimbal, or other payload.

Clamp weight: 28g
Plate weight: 90g

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