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DJI S900 Anti Vibration Upgrade Parts

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DJI S900 anti vibration and anti jello upgrade parts.

Since the DJI S900 is flexible by it´s own 1,5mm carbon fibre top plates, we´ve developed, modelled and CNC-d an upgrade replacement parts. This replacement parts will eliminate the jello and there´s no more frame wobbling. We have said to all of our customers, that this upgrade not only eliminate the jello on your footage – it will make your center frame so strong, that vibration will not make your flight controller IMU go crazy! What we want to say is, that this part of upgrade is a “must have” for every DJI S900 users.

It´s easy to install, you´ll need only 1,5 hexa screw driver and 10-15 min. Use the same screws and washers as you already have. Also, please use the thread lock for the bigger board. For all the details see the video below.

Package includes:
2 pcs of 1,5mm thickness 3K 100% full carbon (water cooled CNC´d) high quality plates – wich gives you more then 5 times stronger frame than it is as original.

Install video:

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Dimensions 30 × 25 × 5 cm

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