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D-shape LANC Interface+A/V Combo Cable for Sony Camcorders (RM-AV2)

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For cameras:
DCR/HDR-Series: DVD105E, DVD106E, DVD109E, DVD110E, DVD150E, DVD202E, DVD203E, DVD205E, DVD304E, DVD306E, DVD310E, DVD403E, DVD404E, DVD405E, DVD406E, DVD410E, DVD450E, DVD505E, DVD506E, DVD7E, DVD92E, DVD810, DVD910, HC18E, HC19E, HC20E, HC22E, HC24E, HC27E, HC30E, HC32E, HC35E, HC37E, HC39E, HC40E, HC42E, HC44E, HC45E, HC46E, HC47E, HC51E, HC52, HC62E, HC90E, HC94E, HC96E, IP1E, IP5E, IP7E, PC1000E, PC53E, PC55E, SR190E, SR210E, SR290E, SR30E, SR32E, SR33E, SR35E, SR37E, SR50E, SR52E, SR55E, SR57E, SR70E, SR72E, SR75E, SR90E, SR220, SR220D, SR45, SR65, SX30E, SX50E, CX105E, CX115E, CX11E, CX155E, CX190E, CX210E CX250E CX305E, CX350VE, CX520VE, CX580VE CX6EK, CX700VE, CX730E HC3E, HC5E, HC7E, HC9E, PJ10E, PJ200E PJ260VE, PJ740, SR10E, SR11E, SR12E, SR1E, SR5E, SR7E, SR8E, TD10E, TD20VE, TD30V, TG3E, UX19E, UX1E, UX3E, UX7E, XR155E, XR260VE, FX1000, etc

NEX-Series: VG30, VG900, etc

CR-Camera D-shape LANC Interface Cable for Sony camcorders (USB plug, length 25cm/9.8″ – 10g). Controls progressive zoom, movie recording, focus (few models only), shutter release and camera on/off features of the camera. Also possibility to enter custom LANC codes. Be sure your camera have D-shape A/V/LANC jack! Connect it to USB-LANC/RP port of the CAMremote. See example configuration. Read more about MULTI/LANC interface from here. This cable can be used also on newer camcorders which have Multiterminal port using special Sony adapter VMC-AVM1.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

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