We are using different multirotors for each situations. One of these is hexacopter (six motors) and second one is octocopter X8 (eigth motors) for different payloads and situations. Below the copters we are using our own 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal solutions wich all are custom built aerial equipment.Aerial-Cinematography Content-01 Octo X8 Steady 2000Steady 3k and S900 aerial legs up small

Live view opportunity from air to our screens. An operator can PAN, TILT, ROLL and zoom remotely the cameragimbal.

Range up to 100 meters for HD quality and – SD range up to 1km.fpv pilot

Steady 3000 aerial DJI

Camera gimbal „Steady”, handheld version.

Steady can go everywhere on the ground. It also brings “live preview” on the holding operator and remotely controlling operator monitors. Wich can also remotely controlled PAN, TILT and ROLL.

Our Steady weight depends on camera weight and can be 3-6kg. Steady is very useful camera stabilization platform for filming extra smooth videos like for imago reels or for filming cinematic special effects. Steady 3000 as on the picture is also available in our web store

front in pressure

We are building custom 3-axis camera gimbal systems to get best solution for each camera. There is not one and only camera gimbal to use every different camera and that is why we have to develop these ourselves.

We have partners with CNC machine to cut aluminium, plastic and carbon fibre. Also we sell some of our developed -/ upgraded parts in our web store.

Mostly the aerial 3-axis brushless camera gimbals are for different sizes mirrorless cameras like Sony Nex, Panasonic GH2 4, BMPCC cameras and so on. Camera range up to 2,5kg.

Also these gimbals are lightweight comparing available gimbals on the market. If there´s any questions we may help you with, do not hesitate to contact us.

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