Aerial filming:

  • half of a day: 650 EUR
  • a day: 1150 EUR

Price exclude transportation.

Aerial photos

  • 2 flights (2x ~10min) 300 EUR
  • 1 flight (~10min) 175 EUR

Price exclude transportation. All photos what is been taken from the air will be given to customer.

Steady hand held filming:

  • half of a day: 375 EUR
  • a day: 650 EUR

Price exclude transportation.

Additional options:

Later photo-, video-, sound- and animation post-production from our CNT Meedia LTD advertising- and design agency |


By work day and half of a day we mean time, when we are arrive to the scene, not the hole day flying. All equipment must be set up as you´d like and every flight would be take 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes we have to make test flights on the scene, it´s depending on the scene itself, to be sure, that everything is secure enough to capture. PS! Safety comes first. We do not fly over peoples and close to them if there is no additional training went through by our team to these actors. Also there is weather conditions, what could make the filming day impossible like (rain, strong wind, storm) etc. that is why it´s always good to plan the alternative day to film.

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