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Vulcan X8 HL (Used)

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This has been only operated for testing purposes and never out on a commercial job. Everything is in excellent condition, both operationally and visually.
Here is a sample flight after a quick gimbal setup:

– More details are available on here
– For Steady 2500 Gimbal:

Following complete list of details that includes this RTF:

1. VULCAN Harrier X8 DJI A2 V2 (GPS Pro Plus)
2. KDE4014XF‐380 motors (x8) KDEXF‐UAS55HVC ESC´s (x8)
3. 400A PDB (power distribution board)
4. Motorized retracts;
5. Navigation LED (with controller);
6. Worlds no. 1 anti-vibration system (silicone gel plate)
7. CF 16″x5.4 propellers
8. 12mm Rail Mount System;
9. FPV pilot camera / Immersion 600mW Long range;
10. TX Futaba 14SG Pilot remote;
11. Futaba TJ8 TX and RX (gimbal operator);
12. Futaba telemetry and receivers R7008SB Voltage and Altitude;
13. Spare Motor (x1);
14. Spare Props (x4);
16. Batteries/Charger iCharger 4010 DUO + eFuel 50A power supply 2 x 10,000mAh Tattu batteries 6S (18 cycles) 8 x 12,000mAh Tattu batteries 6S (16 cycles)
17. GIMBAL Steady 2500  with closed tilt mechanism for extra rigidity and precision stabilizing). Handheld bar comes with field monitor holder + battery holder. Steady 2500 camera range: 5D mkIII/a7s/GH4 SB Metabones /BMPC4K” – gimbal set includes: 3 x Gens Ace 1800mAh 16,8V 25C 4S1P;
18. Gremsy Quick release system (copter and gimbal) -/ gimbal stand;
19. Connex Digital Video RX/TX There is also a box of additional items, cables, screws, etc.

We give 6 months warranty to this set. For more information please send as an e-mail:

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