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VULCAN Multiframe MANTIS 1080 Octo with High Landing Legs

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Vulcan Mantis 1080mm Octo

The Vulcan is a true professional ‘workhorse’ frame, very strong and stiff with very low vibration, and totally modular in design, so configuration can be changed at any time. The radical arm design of the Vulcan Mantis offers unparalelled forward camera view, keeping arms and props out of the shot even with a forward facing camera during fast forward flight. You can even look up!

A wide range of accessories and upgrades are available to cover most applications, including dedicated Power Distribution, gimbal mountings, anti vibration system, side or rear battery trays, quick release mounts, top mounted motor options and more. Flight characteristics are fantastic, with great stability and handling, and the raised arms are also an invaluable aid to the pilot for machine orientation in the air.

No special setup is required in your flight controller and the Z arms are also a ‘straight swap’ upgrade for existing Vulcan Multiframes.

Z Arms are available in BLACK or RED – please specify when ordering!

Supplied with 350mm High Landing Legs

USER MANUAL: VULCAN MultiFrame Manual V1.05

All Multiframe kits now include Motor Ring Supports for 
Top Mounted Motors

The MultiFrame concept is one of simplicity and flexibility, designed for the serious flyer and ideal for Professional Aerial Photography and other commercial applications. We have been flying these frames for some time now and can clearly state they are the best frames we’ve used!
Made from high grade Carbon Fibre, with custom moulded aluminium alloy arms, they are the strongest, stiffest, vibration free airframes you’ll find, and considerably lighter than a Droidworx equivalent!
How stong are they? See the bottom of this listing…

The MultiFrame concept means that by using the same few parts to make all frames, when you buy a frame, you are not stuck with the configuration you choose at the time, but by adding or removing arms you can create any frame layout you choose, including Y6, Reverse Y6, + Quad, X Quad, X8, I Hexa, V Hexa, I Octo & V Octo. Frames sizes are 900mm or 1200mm. Landing legs come in Standard Height (178mm) or High Clearance (304mm) for use with professional camera mounts. Legs can be fitted anywhere on any arm to allow the best combination of clear camera view, stabillity on landing and balance in the air. And if the worst should happen and you damage your airframe, parts are very affordable!

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