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VectorSave10 Phantom RS

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VectorSave10 Phantom RS

VectorSave™10 Phantom4 RS parachute system consist of two
parts, RadioSave™ trigger unit and VectorSave™ 10 launcher
with parachute.
Parachute system has convenient snap-on connection
to Phantom landing gear and it is harnessed around the
center body of Phantom copter.
Once you are ready to take o you will arm your parachute
by pressing the buttom on VectroSave™ 10 tube or RadioSave™
remote unit. Light will start to blink on the trigger to
indicate your parachute is armed. One you land back
you need to press button on tube to disarm parachute
system – arming indicator light is now off and green light is on.
Operation of VectorSense Phantom system is fully
automatic. Parachute will be deployed If something
goes wrong and your heli is falling down of tipping over
in mid air.

Phantom parachute system.
Technical details
launcher tecnology: Moverod™
parachute diamensions: 0,85 m x 0,85 m (0,72 m2)
weight: less than 100g

VectorSave™10 Phantom4 RS system is equipped with remote radio trigger for parachute deployment. Intelligent radio trigger is approved in all major markets and has a range of 2 km in open air. VectorSave™10 Phantom4 RS parachute system is a 90g total safety solution for DJI Phantom4 helicopters. The system has easy clip connection top of the frame. It can be mounted or removed in seconds. It does NOT require any modification to your DJI Phantom4 so your warranty is not voided.
VectorSave™ Phantom4 is by far the best insurance for your drone and any valuable property around the area you will be operating your drone.


Firmware update is recommended for improved safety.

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– Launch is 3 times faster.

– Pilot must initiate emergency stop to deploy parachute.

– Less sensitive for unbalanced props.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm
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