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Phobotic Ceterpiece

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Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller.

This is the regular Centerpiece, supporting input voltage up to 23v (5S) and supplied with a single Spectar IMU.

▪▪▪ Note: Please specify 30cm, 45cm or 60cm IMU cable length during checkout


▪ Completely auto tuning

▪ Dual/Triple processor architecture

▪ Robust CANBUS connectivity

▪ Accurate battery voltage compensation


▪ Futaba SBUS

▪ 4x PWM in/out + 4x PWM out

▪ Dual Spektrum satellites

▪ Dual IMU ports

▪ Phobotic expansion connector


▪ Input voltage: 2S – 5S

▪ Current: up to 2.5A per motor


Outer dimensions: 63.5×63.5 (mm) square

▪▪▪ Note that the PWM connector blocks protrudes another 8mm to the side

Mounting holes: 4 holes, 45×45 (mm) spacing, M3 bores

Spectar IMU outer dimensions: 23×23 (mm) square

Spectar IMU mounting holes: 4 holes, 18x18mm spacing, M2.5 bores

In the box

1x Centerpiece controller

1x Spectar IMU

1x Spectar IMU mounting hardware

1x IMU cable (please specify 30cm, 45cm or 60cm in checkout)

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