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Dome Cover – RED (inc Velcro fixings)

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Centre Plate Dome Cover – RED
The centre plate dome covers are made from light yet highly flexible entirely radio transparent plastic, and cover the centre plate and electronics of your machine. They will not affect the performance of your radio, GPS or other radio communication devices. They can be used on the top only or top and bottom if preferred and held in place with Velcro strips and dots (which are included). Due to the flexibility of the material they are almost impossible to break!

Height: 80mm
Width: 200mm
Colours: White, Red, Blue, Yellow
Top Hole Diameter: 26mm
Weight: 58g

The MultiFrame concept is one of simplicity and flexibility, designed for the serious flyer and ideal for Professional Aerial Photography and other commercial applications. We have been flying these frames for some time now and can clearly state they are the best frames we’ve used!
Made from high grade Carbon Fibre, with custom moulded aluminium alloy arms, they are the strongest, stiffest, vibration free airframes you’ll find, and considerably lighter than a Droidworx equivalent!

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