DJI A3 Flight Controller and Lightbridge 2

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DJI A3 and Lightbridge 2

The A3 is DJI’s most advanced flight controller. It has been designed to allow professionals and industry experts to create their perfect aerial system. It uses advanced algorithms to improve the A3’s control accuracy, and can be customised using mobile or onboard SDKs to make it suitable for whatever application is needed. The A3 is safe and reliable, but with the DJI Assistant 2 is also easy and simple to setup. For more information and full speicifcations, see the DJI A3 product page.

The Lightbridge 2 is a long-range radio control system, as well as a HD FPV video downlink integreated into 1 system. Combined with the A3, it forms part of a complete aerial solution. More information about the Lightbridge 2 can be found here.

This bundle would be perfect to install on a DJI S1000+ aircraft. Save up to 242€ by buying this bundle.

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