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CAMremote-2 PRO Controller

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The CAMremote-2A (CR-2A) is highly integrated miniature remote control device for cameras and camcorders. Several digital cameras/camcorders from Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and BlackMagicDesign have a remote control feature which utilizes the USB port, an infrared signal, Remote Control Port, LANC remote interface port or Multiterminal Interface port. The CAMremote is a USB On-the-Go device which has USB host and device functionality. It can control the camera’s remote features like shutter, zoom, aperture/shutter speed values, etc. In addition, CAMremote has an integrated intervalometer which will trigger the camera automatically after a predefined time.

The infrared support of the CAMremote can be used with cameras where no USB remote control feature is available but which have an infrared sensor. The Remote Port support can be used mostly with SLR-cameras which has dedicated port for remote control. Using Graphical User Interface software which runs on Windows operating systems, CAMremote can store settings for up to seven different camera and/or servo motor configurations. Switching between stored settings is accomplished by pressing an onboard button or remotely using radio control.

The CAMremote is compatible with JR, Futaba, Hitech and all standard R/C radio receivers. Camera functions (shutter release/zoom/setting changes) can be controlled using the servo channels of an R/C receiver, mechanical switches, or by other electronic devices such as motion sensors, microcontrollers etc. CAMremote can also work as a stand-alone device powered by 3-12V batteries. CAMremote can be used to control servo motors to automatically tilt and pan the camera.


Trigger the shutter of the camera using the following methods:

– USB remote control using Picture Transfer Protocol (USB/PTP)
– USB remote control if CHDK firmware add-on is installed on Canon cameras (USB/CHDK)**
– USB remote control using Ricoh CA1 protocol (USB/CA1)
– Remote control using Canon/Nikon/Pentax/Sony/Panasonic 3-pin remote port (PORT/E3)
– Infrared remote (IR) control
– LANC remote control
– Servo motor “finger” which presses down the shutter button of the camera (SERVO-FINGER)

** CHDK firmware enhancement is a 3rd party solution and we are not responsible for its use, and cannot guarantee its 100% functionality.

The CR is configurable and upgradeable using PC with Microsoft Windows operation systems only (98, 2k, XP, Vista, W7). Other options will be added in future.

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