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    WingtraOne GEN II drone

    WingtraOne GEN II drone Excited to announce that @Wingtra has launched WingtraOne GEN II – a next-generation VTOL drone with an oblique payload for high-quality 3D mapping, advanced reliability algorithms, and PPK on every drone for every payload. Map larger, map faster, map anywhere. After 6 years in development and 100’000 flights, Wingtra is launching… […]

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    MicaSense Altum

    MicaSense Altum The MicaSense Altum combines a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands, producing high-resolution multispectral and advanced thermal imagery in one flight for advanced analytics. Synchronized imagery The synchronized multispectral and thermal sensors are particularly useful for water management, hot-spot detection and environmental research. Depending on the settings, the Altum also offers […]

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    Sony RX1R II

    Sony RX1R II For high accuracy surveys, Sony’s 42 MP full-frame sensor guarantees superior image resolution for a drone camera, while the low distortion lens ensures best reconstruction results. Highest data quality Get sharp and undistorted nadir images with high pixel density, resulting in a GSD of down to 0.7 cm / px and best-in-class […]

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    MicaSense RedEdge-MX

    MicaSense RedEdge-MX The RedEdge-MX is a professional, rugged multispectral sensor for advanced aerial mapping applications like agriculture, forestry or environmental research. The industry standard multispectral sensor   The RedEdge-MX full-spectrum camera lets you capture distortion-free RGB, NDVI, and advanced vegetation index layers in a single flight. Data sets Explore different mapping outputs from Wingtra equipped […]

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    Sony QX1 + 15mm lens

    Sony QX1 + 15mm lens The QX1 camera together with a Voigtländer 15mm lens offers the broadest available coverage at 115 m (400 ft) altitude and is also the best option for 3D reconstruction. Data sets Explore mapping outputs from Wingtra’s Sony QX1 camera with the 15mm lens, or download sample data sets to post […]