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    DJI A3 Flight Controller and Lightbridge 2

    DJI A3 and Lightbridge 2 The A3 is DJI’s most advanced flight controller. It has been designed to allow professionals and industry experts to create their perfect aerial system. It uses advanced algorithms to improve the A3’s control accuracy, and can be customised using mobile or onboard SDKs to make it suitable for whatever application […]

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    DJI A3 Pro Flight Controller

    DJI A3 Pro – Triple Modular Redundancy The DJI A3 Pro is an advanced flight controller consisting of 3 IMUs and 3 GNSS units with extra analytical redundancies giving a total of 6 redundancies. This means, using advanced diagnostic algorithms, if the A3 Pro detects a GNSS or IMU unit failure mid-flight, it can switch […]

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    DJI A3 Flight Controller

    DJI A3 – Reliable and Accurate Flight Control The most advanced DJI flight controller yet, the DJI A3 has been designed for professional and industrial applications, where reliability and the ability to customise are essential. This flight controller, designed for DJI’s professional frames such as the DJI Matrice 600, uses multi-sensor fusion algorithms to improve […]

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    DJI A2 Professional Flight Controller

    DJI A2 multi-rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight control system for various multi-rotor platforms, for commercial and industrial AP applications. It opens an unprecedented era of precise positioning and perfect flight control in harsh environments for flight control systems. Its high performance antenna, low noise anti-interference front-end RF design, accurate position and speed calculating, […]

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    DJI WooKong-M

    DJI WooKong Multi-rotors(WooKong-M) is a autopilot system that designed for multi-rotor aircraft enthusiasts providing excellent self-leveling and position holding. Whether professional or amateur multi-rotor aircraft, WooKong-M can offer a GPS independent balance and hovering function. From the Quad-rotor to Oct-rotor, WooKong-M are all applicable. WooKong-M is a complete flight control system for all commercial, industrial […]

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    DJI A3 Flight Controller Upgrade Kit to A3 Pro

    DJI A3 Flight Controller Upgrade Kit to A3 Pro The DJI A3 flight controller can be upgraded to an A3 Pro by using two of these A3 Upgrade Kits. This upgrade will give you 3 IMUs and 3 GNSS units which, with additional analytical redundancies, will give you a total of 6 redundancies, for extra reliability and […]

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    DJI N3 Naza Flight Controller and GPS

    DJI N3 Naza Flight controller The latest in the Naza flight controller series, the DJI N3 is perfect for both hobby and industrial applications. The DJI N3 flight controller is compatible with a variety of DJI hardware and software solutions such as the Lightbridge 2, DJI GO, Datalink PRo, iOSD or DJI Intelligent ESC. It […]

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    DJI Naza V2 + GPS (Flight controller)

    Naza is a light weight multi-axis control platform, specially designed for multi-rotor model hobbyists. Different from WooKong-M for heavy payloads and aero photography, Naza not only inherits the outstanding flight stability of DJI products, but also provides excellent maneuverability, which gives hobbyists a wonderful flight experience. It is a small all-in-one module and supports firmware […]

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    Flytrex Live 3G + Live CAN BUS adapter for DJI

    The must have product for all professional pilots

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    Flytrex Live 3G

    The must have product for all professional pilots

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    DJI Naza-M Lite Flight Controller and GPS Bundle

    The Naza-M Lite is a simplified version of NAZA-M but it inherits the high reliability and stability of NAZA-M. The innovative all-in-one design simplifies installation and saves space and weight. It contains inner damping, controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer in its light and small Main Controller. It can measure flying altitude, attitude and […]

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    Naze 32 Flight Controller

    The popular Naze32 flight controller mostly for FPV flying. Includes: magnetometer, barometer sensors, accelerometer and gyro