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    DJI Follow Focus For Handheld Gimbals

    Available 10-14 days after order What is the DJI Focus? Advanced and Precise Follow Focus System – the DJI Focus looks similar to a typical camera focus ring, but has incredible accuracy and precision giving you total control over the camera focus. The brushless motors give you an accuracy of ±0.002° so turning the remote is […]

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    DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera

    DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera TECHNICAL DETAILS Net weight: 0.09 kg Other features: This compact action cam sports a powerful 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor and a wide f/2.8 lens in a pint-sized package, allowing you to record professional high-resolution video wherever the action is. The Osmo Action is loaded with a wide range of high-resolution features within […]

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    DJI Osmo Pocket

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    DJI OSMO POCKET ULTIMATE KIT In the Box: Sandisk Ultra Android 80MB/s 64 GB, MicroSDXC, Flash memory class 10′ DJI Osmo Pocket Wireless Module DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel Universal Phone Holder for DJI Osmo Pocket Mini Carrying Case for DJI Osmo Pocket

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    DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit

    DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit Overview Includes the Controller Wheel, Wireless Module, Accessory Mount, and a 32GB Samsung microSD Card to help you create professional footage. Highlights Portable and versatile Precise gimbal control Wireless connection for remote control Universal Port for accessories In the Box Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel × 1 Osmo Pocket Wireless Module […]

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    DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal X5/X5R Camera Adapter

    DJI Osmo X5 Adapter This adapter will allow you to mount the DJI Zenmuse X5 or X5R camera and gimbal onto your Osmo handle. It also provides a port allowing you to use the DJI Focus to remotely control aperture and focus. For this you’ll need the Focus Adapter Cable. This allows you to have […]

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    DJI Osmo Car Mount Part 4

    DJI Osmo Part 4 Car Mount

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    DJI Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

    DJI Osmo Pocket Wireless Module Overview The Wireless Module provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection between Osmo Pocket and your mobile device to support seamless remote control and make shooting more flexible. It also serves as a base to set Osmo Pocket on level surfaces. You can also charge Osmo Pocket via the USB-C port. Highlights […]

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    DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel

    DJI Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel Overview The Controller Wheel is equipped with a dial for precise pan and tilt control, a button to change between different shooting modes, and a button to recenter the gimbal, making shooting more flexible. Highlights Precise gimbal control Quick change between gimbal modes In the Box Osmo Pocket Controller Wheel […]

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    DJI Osmo Gimbal Extension

    DJI Osmo Gimbal Extension With the DJI OSMO Gimbal Extension Cable you disconnect the camera from the OSMO Handle and extend the reach of your camera gimbal using this extension cable. Specifications: Length: 150cm Compatibility: Osmo Osmo+ Osmo – Sticky Mount

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    Tripod For DJI Osmo handheld Gimbal With X3 Camera – Part No. 3

    Spare part No. 3 – Osmo Tripod The Osmo Tripod will enable users to place the Osmo gimbal with X3 camera, securely, on almost any surface. Two different sizes are supported: 160mm radius x 45mm height and 260mm radius x 58mm height Weight: 254g

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    DJI Osmo Sticky Mount

    DJI Osmo Sticky Mount The Osmo Sticky Mount allows you to mount the Osmo Gimbal Camera on a helmet so you can shoot hands free. The Osmo – Gimbal Extension is required. 0.11 kg