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  • 18.95 (Excl. VAT)

    Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopter Simple Transmitter

    Hubsan X4 Mini Quadcopter Simple Transmitter

  • 4.50 (Excl. VAT)

    FatShark Discharge Cable (Banana Plugs)

    FatShark Banana Discharge Cable This cable will eliminate the need for specifying a Dean or XT-60 discharge adapter. It will connect your FatShark battery directly into a standard battery charger’s output ports.

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    CR-Camera Remote Port+A/V Cable for Samsung Cameras

    NX-MINI, NX1, NXF1, NX10, NX20, NX30, NX100, NX200, NX210, NX300, NX300M, NX1000, NX1100, NX2000, NX3000, EK-GN120 CR-Camera Micro-USB Remote Port + A/V Cable for Samsung cameras (micro-USB plug, length 25cm/9.8″ – 5g). Controls Focus and Shutter release features of the camera and provides composite video output. A/V has 3.5mm jack. Connect it to USB port of the […]

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    EFUEL 1200W/50A Power Supply

    Net weight 3.08kg Voltage 100-240V AC Input AC Frequency 50-60Hz Output Voltage 15-30V DC±0.5V Output Current 50A±1A Current Overload Protection ≤ 51A 500MS Input Fuse 20A Fuse LCD Display Voltage Precision ±0.3V Current Precision ±0.5A Output Voltage Ripple < 300mV Power Efficiency 89% Power Factor > 0.98 Over Temperature Protection <65℃ Cooling Method Cooling Fan […]

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    FrSkyTaranis X9E Transmitter and X6R Receiver

    The Taranis X9E The X9E is a 16 channel ‘tray’ transmitter that is packed full of features such as full telemetry, audio speech outputs, multiple flight modes etc. The full range of features is listed below. This package is a bundle that includes the X6R Receiver. The difference between this model and the Taranis Plus […]

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    Radio Receiver Module 433 MHz

    Receiver module for 4/8/12-buttons radio transmitters or wireless PIR sensors. Radio frequency 433.92 MHz.  Power supply range is 4-5V. Weight of the receiver 5g, size 40x13mm/1.6×0.5″, length of the cable 15cm/5.9″.

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    T-Motor 40A Pro (High quality ESC)

    T-series pro ESC has the best performance, it is the super-class product for RC airplane and helicopter and multiroto-copter.Specification: 1 Output:  Continuous 40A, burst 60A up to 10 seconds. 2 Input Voltage:  2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NiMH battery. 3 Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 50Hz to 432Hz.4Control Signal Transmission: Optical/electrical coupled system.5Max […]

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    Remote Cable for Panasonic GH2, GH3 and GH4 (Zoom support)

    CR-Camera 4-pin Remote Port Cable for Panasonic GH4 (2.5″ plug, length 25cm/9.8″ – 5g). Controls Focus and Shutter release, Movie recording and Zoom with variable speed. Zoom option is available if lens have motorized zoom control (lens models: 45-175X, 14-42X). Be sure your camera have 2.5″ Remote Port jack! Connect it to LANC/RP port of […]

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    CR-Camera USB+AV Combo Cable for Panasonic Cameras

    CR-Camera 8-pin USB+AV Cable for Panasonic cameras (length 30cm/9.8″ – 7g). USB have 8-pin connector, A/V connection has 3.5mm jack. USB is used to control Shutter release, Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO on GH4 only. Note: Panasonic GH4 is not supporting Movie recording and Zoom control through USB connection. Workaround is to use USB cable […]

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    Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Transmitter

    Hubsan H107D FPV Transmitter Transmitter Range: 400 meters Radio Controller: 6 CH FPV 2.4Ghz with 3.5″ LCD Colour Screen    

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    XT90-S Anti-Spark Connector (2pairs/bag)

      XT90-S Anti-Spark Connector (2pairs/bag) With the growing popularity of high voltage setups on R/C model helicopters, EDFs and airplanes, sparking battery connections are increasingly becoming the biggest enemy to your electronics. All the anti-spark systems in the market today require some sort of modification or DIY work before use. Now, we have just the […]

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    S.BUS/D-BUS Interface Adapter

    S.BUS Interface Adapter to connect Futaba’s S.BUS to CR (default length 15cm/11.8″). There are terminals for S.BUS input, S.BUS output and connection to CAMremote. Use 3-wire servo extension cable to connect it to receiver and CAMremote (cables are included).